A bad career move. Home to the meanest people in the world. Common place for yellers and rude assholes. A place where people are extremely nice to you, just before they rip you off and ruin you financially. A wonderful place, but only for them. Look carefully and most of them have horns. George W. Bush’s birth place.
1. Dude why are you yelling and cursing at me, all I did was say hello to you. Are you from Connecticut or something?

2. You: I am truly sorry that you suffer from Tourette syndrome? Red Neck: No I don’t, I am just a white trash from Connecticut and you are a person of a color and I think you smell.

3 Lorin: Dr. I need medicine for crabs. Doctor: Did you have sex with a prostitute? Lorin: No, my wife is from Connecticut, and I am a fag.

4. I made 50K in 2008, and I have been working for 34 years. I think am so rich because I am from Connecticut.

5. I pulled a Connecticut thirteen years ago. I was unemployed for two years, and my career hasn’t recovered yet.

6. Main Connecticut industries: Gambling. Prostitution. Drugs. Unemployment insurance. Corporate welfare. Government bailout. Bankruptcy. Food poisoning.
by Arrowwood_13 February 27, 2009
Connecticut is a decent state. The lower half might as well be New York. Everyone likes the Yankees, which just shows how gay those people are and theyre all rich as shit. Fairfield county (Lower half) is home to kids who are perhaps the biggest bullshitters in the land. They love telling stories about a boating trip where they shot at floating immigrants and then laughed at them. Also, they tend to believe they can drink alot. This fictional tale will lead to further stories about one time at my friends beach house i got wasted and got arrested, which to them is a cool story. Anyone in the state especially the upper half can out drink those preppy little rich shits. Go sox.
Thaddeus: Once I drank so much I peed myself, I love Connecticut.
Cool kid: your from Fairfield County aren't you?
Gay kid (Thaddeus): yeah, isn't that chill?
Cool kid: no man, not really.
by Jason Varitek May 10, 2006
The most liberal state in the United States of America.

Also known as the place with no ghetto and with a bunch of liberal butlers and maids.
How many Connecticutans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

NONE, they get their LIBERAL BUTLERS to do it for them
by Brad Freimuth March 03, 2007
Connecticut is THE BEST place you can be, no doubt about it. Not only are we the richest state in the world, we also KNOW we are. But, you guys make it sound like we ALL are so rich and snobby. All people from Connecticut are snobby, it's a fact, but we aren't all rich. And it definately isn't all white people. We got Puerto Ricans, Blacks, Whites, everything. We are snobby because we can be. We have something to show for it. We are the richest state, AND we have ghetto towns too. No wonder why all the stars have houses here. We are simply the best. No matter what you say about this state, it is the best, and nobody can beat it. The perfect town in Connecticut is Hamden, because it is not too rich, and not too poor. It borders SOME rich towns like Cheshire, and some poor towns like New Haven. Hamden High is the best, because the girls are the hottest and you know it. Connecticut has the hottest girls, hottest guys, and the hottest places. We have the Hamden Plaza which has a nail salon, bowling alley, stores, pizza, and much more. It's great for Hamden High chicks. Oh, and Hamden High is the best, because we don't have a strict dress code. Only the fat chicks get in trouble for dressing like skanks, so if you're skinny, hot, and popular, you're in. Well, now you know why us CT chicks are snotty to you other people- because we CAN be. Our state is the best, we are hot, and you know it. Don't confuse hate with jealousy. Ciao, and remember that Connecticut girls are the best-- join us, because we are so sexy, hot, and popular... If you don't either live in CT or act like a CT girl, you aren't cool with us.
CT chick and CA chick

CA: Hey, where are you from?
CT: Connecticut, you?
CA: California-- must suck not having lots of beaches.
CT: I could tell from the messed up manicure.(dirty look) You should really fix that.
CA: (walks away and says whatever)
CT: (calls up her friends)
CT: Tina, Chelsea, Kaitlin, I just dissed some Cali chick.
Tina: Good! Us CT chicks are fly, and we know it!
Kaitlin: That's right. Don't mess wit us!
by *$*$ CT Chick *$*$ July 14, 2006

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