Connecticut: Best known for its wealth... mostly in Greenwhich and Westport (where I live). Yeah, we have all the top fasihons, the best (real) bags, the hottest shoes, and yes, we pop our collar. We, however, aren't snobs, even though we grow up surrounded by abnormally expenisve stuff. We are close to New York, and we don't think that New Jersey is terrible... yea, so, we do have more than one house, and ridiculously expensive cars, and our school is, as my fellow westportian stated, HUGE. But, living in this state isn't all great... outside of Yale, New Haven is a dump, and the majority of Connecticut isn't so wealthy/nice. I can't speak for other parts of Connecticut, but I can say this for Westport... we have a GREAT school system, and mostly our IQ is up there, people go to great schools, so what if they do it in high fashion... unfortunatley we also have a really high drug abuse/use rate, which isn't slowing. Our town is nice, but overall, seeing the same brands/cars/hairstlyes/shops is boring. And yea, most of us are happy right here, In Connecticut...
"nice uggs, get them recently?"
"yea, I have them in every color now"
"Are you from Connecticut?"
"You people are so rich"
"no we aren't"....(thinks about it) "ok, maybe just a little"
by Emma W November 16, 2005
Growing up in CT you just feel like an average kid. You felt average because your friend’s fathers are VPs or CEOs just like yours. You don’t feel particularly smart because you aren’t different from the neighbor kids. You don’t feel racist because you grow up without racial tension. Your neighbors and friends that are just like you that you didn’t feel were unusually smart or stupid ended up being brain surgeons. In Connecticut you only have a high IQ if you leave Connecticut or if you hang out with people that move here from somewhere else. Connecticut is beautiful and it is my home.
When you start getting sick of one season Connecticut just moves on to the next one.
by teva January 14, 2006
Where New Yorkers come and live for the summer and or in retirement. The state that is in fact, the wealthiest state, but the old retired people refuse to put money into good causes. Where New Yorkers tend to not obey many of Connecticut's traffic laws, have no problem cutting you off, and still talk on thier cell phones while in the car. The area where "Raggies" are most prevalent in lower class towns.
My neighbors are from NewYork... They ask me not to plow thier snow because they like the "pristine" look. Until the Snowplow comes by later and totally ruins it for them.

My old school still looks like a war zone. Due to the old people voting "No" many times consecutively to raise funding for repairs

My towns firehouse loses funding because the old people deny funding.

These old people from connecticut are definately rich, and about to die soon, but they white-knuckle thier money
by Jason O June 23, 2007
A state that helps connect Boston to New York City.

Be prepared to endure long roads filled with 16 wheelers and people other than connecticut residents. People tend to ask themselves when they left the highway, and somehow ended up on someone's private road with nice cut grass and spacious trees. Don't fret... It's just the Merritt Parkway.
"Welcome to Connecticut! Have fun in New York!

"Are we in NY yet?"

by Dueyutah May 24, 2007
state next to boston and new york. richest state, with wealthy suburbs such as fairfield, new canaan, avon, simbsbury, glastonbury. a lot of famous people live here, and if you go anywhere and you say your from connecticut people assume you are rich. A state where the kids have better cars then the teachers, and the lunch ladies pop their collars. Pretty much every high school student has a northface backpack and jacket, and if you are a girl who doesn't own birkenstocks and or uggs people will think your poor. Every teenager from the ages 15-22 goes to the DMB concerts in the summer at the meadows and gets either too drunk or high to remember half the concert. The package stores close at 8, and people think the only highways are 91 and 84.
"where are you from?"
"oh.. no wonder you just baught a 15,000 dollar dress"
by beachbum07 October 21, 2006
CT is my state and yes its very rich, but we do have soem problems like guido's especially in new haven county, some heavy italian towns like east haven and north haven where these kids r gellin up all there hair like the gotti's and driving in bmw's and lexus's, tanning and all that.. the people judge you by wut you drive over here
yo man im from east haven connecticut where teh F*** are you from bro and wut do u drive?i bang way more girls then u yo

im from north haven n im drivin a bmw and ur still in that civic haha and no way i layed too b*tches last night bro..

OTHER GUIDOS: lets fight him he talkin sh*t yo
by CTBOY July 20, 2006
Oh Connecticut..where to begin? Growing up in CT you think it is the worst place to be, but once out you know it is a good place to raise a family. Once you say you're from CT automatically the next question is.."Are you from Greenwich?" NEWS FLASH EVERYONE-CONNECTICUT HAS MANY OTHER TOWNS BESIDES GREENWICH- Yes many of us our Preppy's that went to either private or parochial schools even though many of our public schools are just as good. Once out of CT, let's say in college, saying you're from CT just sounds better than saying for instance New Jersey. When you are from CT there is no reason to EVER venture into New Jersey, personally one would rather go to Massachusetts then Jersey. If you are from CT and you go to school in the NYC area, and meet someone from Bergen County, NJ they will claim they are just as preppy and rich as "you Connecticut people" are. No Bergen County, your not, sorry. And finally Connecticut has TWO baseball teams, The Yankees and The Red Sox, depending on where you live is who you cheer for.
Non-CT Resident: "Where are you from?"
CT Resident: "Connecticut."
Non-CT Resident: "Oh are you from Greenwich?"
CT Resident: "No, I am not from Greenwich."
Non-CT Resident: "So you must be a Sox fan coming from New England?"
CT Resident: "No I'm from Western half of CT, that's Yankee territory."
Not everybody can be from Connecticut..
by bellarosa April 13, 2006
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