A small, Northeastern Liberal Arts school located in New London Connecticut. Conn College (as it is affectionately called), is, to put it bluntly: not a good school.
It accepts low SAT scores, and high grades from not-so-good schools. The student body can generally be described as abnormally dumb kids who are extra pretentious. An astounding amount of its students end up there upon not being accepted to an Ivy League, and they have never gotten over it. It is never anyone's first choice. Everyone who goes there will tell you how incredible it is, but eventually, it feels as if they're just saying that to convince themselves. Or, they're just stoned or shitfaced, like all conn college kids are. Also, it's simply a bad education.
Person from a good school: hey! So how's Connecticut College?
Conn College kid: It's amaaaaaazing, probably the best education ever.
Person from a good school: .... are you sure?
Conn College kid: are you kidding? like everyone in my class like knows everything. Like we're reading books.
Person from a good school: Cool, sounds sweet.
Conn College kid: yeah, probably learning more than you... or than any Ivy League shit school, ew, I hate Ivy League schools...
Person from a good school: Didn't you apply to Cornell ED?
Conn College kid: *bursts into tears*
by Foucalt340 February 12, 2011
Top Definition
Connecticut College is best defined as: Not Uconn.
Girl: Where do you go to school?
Boy: Connecticut College.
Girl: Oh Uconn! I love the Huskies!
Boy: No, not fucking Uconn. Connecticut College.
Girl: Oh, a community college?
Boy: No, its a small liberal arts college, its actually a decent school.
Girl: Oh ok.
Boy: (Stabs himself in the eye)
by Phantom Specter May 25, 2006
Connecticut College (also known as “Camp Conn”): Some call it a party with a $40,000 cover charge. Others call it a "good time." Whether its Volvos, Saabs, or Audis, look out because... well, we all drive them.

Whether it’s learning to drink in night classes, environmental studies, or Spanish with “Roca!,” 60% of us went to boarding school, so we learned how to major in minors and drink stiff beverages ... Thanks to our old, old, old money we are "all set." It’s a place where kegs have no charge, legs grace the air of every "common" room, blackouts are a given, and there is boot in the co-ed bathrooms.

Oh, and the students do get a good "education" along the way to BOC (Black Out City). The perfect math equation: 2 thirties, 2 handles of Dubra, 2 packs of concentrated lemonade = GOOD TIMES… The force is easily enjoyed whether out of a funnel or a ladle... Niiiiiice. Go camels!!!!
A: "So, you went to Connecticut College? I hear that it's like a country club there."
B: "That reminds me, I need to pay off my dorm dues and parking tickets from 2004."
by AFH, KBM January 02, 2007
Connecticut College, founded in 1911, all women until 1969, is home to some of the biggest stoners on earth. Contrary to the preppy image, Conn Coll is quite the underground scene of stoners and skunks. Located in scenic New London, its idyllic campus is in such economic dispair, some wonder how it could actually be in Connecticut--the richest state in the country. Alcoholics and potheads coexist in peace and harmony partying nearly every single night. Many attribute this to the lack of athletics on campus. However, our Division I sailing team (which throw the best kegs) is a great substitute for the standard frat or sorority, which are nonexistant at Conn Coll. Come to Conn Coll on a Thursday night and go to a TNE plastered, dodge a skunk (or a squirrel), smoke a bowl on the Green, take a trip to the Ridge and you'll find yourself never wanting to leave.
Connecticut College Camels rarely ever win but party like rock stars.
by Freeman 3rd floor December 08, 2004
Connecticut College is an elite liberal arts school located in New London, CT, similar to Colby, Bates, Trinity and other NESCAC schools. Conn is generally known for its interdisciplinary studies (a.k.a. do whatever the hell you want), drama and dance, strong international program, and terrific professors. Not many people outside of the Northeast have heard of it, though it's often considered a safety for those that don't get into Ivy League schools. Despite that stigma, it's still better than most state schools, and has excellent academics.

Conn used to be ranked in the top 25 LACs during the early 2000s, however, the school has dropped off due to a presidential transition as well as a lackluster endowment (only been around since 1911 / used to be a women's college and women don't give money).

Recently the school has been on a $200 million fundraising campaign in order to beef its endowment and attract more applicants. Its acceptance rate hovers around 30%, making it one of the most selective schools in the country.

The social life is a harmonious synthesis of bros, artsy liberals, and stoners, though most people are pretty serious about academics. Nearly everyone is white, and almost half of the kids come from exclusive prep schools (Choate, Deerfield, MICDS). The girls are also pretty hot.

Not a bad place to be.
Asshole: So where are you going to school?
Conn College Student: Connecticut College.
Asshole: Cool! Go Huskies!
Conn College Student: Fuck you.

Non-asshole: So where are you going to school?
Conn College Student: Connecticut College.
Non-asshole: Word.
Conn College student: Word.
by fuckharvard March 14, 2011
A tiny NESCAC school located in New London, CT. Home to real money drugs, lots of booze, and asshole lax and hockey bros. Thurs-Sat nights get weird and you wont remember most of them. When it gets lame on some nights there is a pretty good bar scene just down the road in the town of New London.

I visited a buddy and had an overall real good time. The bros are like any other bros at these types of schools.. They will call you a fag for no reason but if you get passed that, good place
Connecticut College Bro: "whats up pal, want a beer shower?"
you: "no, thanks. ill see you later"
Bro: "pussy"
by camel man van May 31, 2010
A wunderbar community where the social life has unfortunately dwindled to a somewhat virginal flow. All who remember the kegs in common rooms without police, coke dealers on campus, and marshall have faces painted with remorse.

Of all the groups on campus, the accapellas certainly are the least legit.
by grizz1145 March 22, 2010
An elite NESCAC liberal arts college, ranked among the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the US by USnews. Despite it's reputation as being overly preppy, all different types of students can be found living harmoniously at conn, and the campus is generally extremely friendly and happy. Because of it's beautiful campus and location, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. It is also praised for its excellent professors, careers office (CELS), free music lessons, and overall good academics. Conn may not be for everyone, but those students that love it have an amazing 4 years.
I go to Connecticut College and love it!
by jd14 June 09, 2011
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