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aka Conkey/Conky.
when a Cow and a monkey mate, and have a baby.
The results end in a Conkey/Conkie; half cow, half monkey.

Also a sex position: your doing a girl from behind while shes eating grass, you beat on your chest like a monkey
Look at that Conkie over there!
Im going to Conkie that hoe.
by RSaxaphone June 05, 2008
A tight ass word that means awesome, sweet, cool, extreme, tubular, radical, gnarly, pimp, tight, swell, super, and most of all EPIC. The most uber cool word you can ever use to describing someone or something
Example 1:
It's so conkie to go munting

Example 2:
Peter:"We gotta conkie up in dis bitch."
by HeyZuesChristo December 05, 2008

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