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Congers, NY is the ghetto of rockland county
In Congers, NY the owner of an icecream shop was sliced across his stomach and got his ear ripped off.
#ghetto #hood #poor area #pot town #gangsters
by E. Gio June 29, 2006
1.Multi-diverse area where everybody comes and hangs out even those faggots from Jew city

2. Very popular elementary school located between upper and middle congers where kids from both congers and new city drink and smoke on Friday nights

3.Upper congers where the rich fuckers living in upper congers.

4. Central congers (A.K.A. Town) where all the middle class people live.

5. Lower congers located passed the strip mall and around the area of the bike shop. where all the poorest families living except a few houses on their on private road off of
Mass. Ave.

1. "Yo lets all head into congers to get some food and get some dinks from the bevy"

2."Yo son everybody is going to congers to get hammered, You in?"

3."Our house was just too small so we moved next door to waters Edge up past the DB mart."

4. "Man i got the munchiez lets go into congers to get some pizza in town"

5."AHAHA look at these poor fuckers leacing down here in congers, ny"

Friend 1:"Dude, that kid in congers who lives on the private road off of mass ave. He's got an Escalade and just put in a nice ass pool"
Friend 2: "Yeah i know i think his dad is a hitman for the mafia or some shit"
#congers #ny #new york #ghetto #rockland #rockland county #new city #jew city #congerz #congaz #congroid #congas #crongers #bevy
by T.BiGGZ September 04, 2006
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