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To extremely confuse through action or words and cause headache.
"Emo kids really confuzzle me, kinda hurts."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
Confused + Puzzled = Confuzzled.
I am sooo confuzzled!!!
by Lazygirl November 23, 2004
confused, mixed-up, experiencing surreal disorientation as if in a swirling, dizzy dream
Hephalumps and woozles
Are so confuzzle
Winnie the Pooh
by joesuburbs April 12, 2006
literally a mix between the word confuse and puzzle.
You confuzzle me you know that?
by Maureen Johnson December 09, 2008
Confused. Plain and simple.
I'm confuzzled.


I don't get it.
by Brieness April 17, 2007
Being confused and puzzled at the same exact same time. Willie's might say that the word doesn't exist, but it DOES!!!!!
Willie is confuzzled on whether or not he is gay.
by ronal108 April 09, 2011