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1. Someone (ussualy a girl) SO obsessed with fitting in, being popular, and owning all the latest items, they became what is known as a confirmist whore. They're main goal in life is to fit in and be up-to-date. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is more importent. Similar to a Myspace whore, they're obsessed.

2. Someone who obsessivly tries to be someone their not and eventualy "confirms" to a certain steryotype.
1. Confirmist Whore: 0MG. You're shirt is SOOOO LAST MINUTE. I just got a cell phone update that pattern is out, go change now or you'll be unpopularrrrz! Zomg!

Non-confirmist: Who cares if it's out or in, I love this shirt.

2. Confirmist whore: I just went out and bought a whole bunch of clothes from Hollister, I'm trying to be a Prep... I hope I'll be popular and have cool friends this year...

Non-confirmst: Stop trying to fit in with them, just be yourself!
by NONCONFIRMIST :) August 25, 2009
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