technically means 'private' but down here in fal we say confidential as a person we talk to that dont nobody else know about
male:ay dawg imma call that confidential
female: gir i gotta go meet that confidential on the corner
by ne-ne July 12, 2003
Top Definition
Fuel for Gossip
I'll tell you all about what they did.I'll give you all of the details, but it's Confidential.
by Waboa February 09, 2009
in terms of goverment and federal secrecy it is what it is which are the records and information applied about a person or an event...but when a school psychologists says it to a student patient or other corrupt officials working for the school they secretly lie to you and send the information you told in your records in confirmation to your status.
Dr Dennis: Hellow Bill I see youv'e made a dark picture

Bill: Why yes I did but it was only for a while I just wanna go back to class I wont do it again I promise.
Dr Dennis: That's ok just tell me everything about your personal life

Bill:Ok well I get im a naiive shy kid so just don't tell anyone about this please I just wanna move on
Dr Dennis:Don't worry Bill I promise I wont it's all Confidential.
by EmoBread August 17, 2009
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