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This flag is actually the 5th battle flag of the conferacy. Many people claim that this flag represents ricism and hatred. If this is so then why are'nt the other 4 flags generally considered racist. Because groups of asshole, hateful, racist people stole our heritage, i.e. our flag, to use for their movements which are motivated by fear and ignorance. The people who should be chastised are the one's stealing other peoples heritage and symbolic property.
I can't believe that these racist pig KKK guys are using the confederate flag for their rally. They should have the right to rally in this free country of ours; but they should be jailed for using a symbol of my heritage, which I consider sacred property, for their hateful purposed
by Dougo April 05, 2004
A flag that's usually flown in the south, most of the time flown to represent southern pride and heritage, but sometimes is flown to represent white power and racism.
"Those who fly the Confederate Flag for southern pride are cool, those who fly it for white power should be sodomized by hitler down in hell."
by My name April 30, 2005
A common misconception would be that the red field (red part of the flag) with the blue "X" and white stars in the blue field. This flag is really the Confederate BATTLE flag, it was flown when an army or navy unit (the Confederate Air Force did not yet exist) when that usit was going into battle. A slightly modified version of this flag (being a square and not a rectangle). This modified flag was flown by the famous Army of Northern Virginia.

The flag of the Confedrate States of America is pretty close to the flag of the United States of America with a few differances. First of all it only has 7 stars in a circular pattern and only 3 stripes (2 red and 1 white).
The Confederate Battle Flag and the flag of the Confererate States of America are often confused.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 10, 2003
The rebel (redneck) flag.
I love the rebel flag.
by Redneck December 25, 2003
A flag to represent the sweet South. It DOES NOT stand for slavery you jackasses so stop getting your underwear in a wad.
I proudly display the rebel flag, my heritage.
by Adrienne November 06, 2004
The confederate flag isnt a symbol for slavery, its simply representing the South. Which they used in the Civil War which was over MANY other things, than just slavery. And for all you people who say its racist, go to the South, you'll see just as many black people wearin the flag as whites. Its just pure heritage.
Southerns proudly fly their Confederate flags everywhere.
by country heart November 30, 2006
A Red white and blue fag with a similar design to that of the American Flag, flown by the CSA, it's meaning is what you make of it although there has been some scrupulation to the legitimacy of the "heritage" of the flag, it remains a powerful symbol of the South-Eastern United States. Civil War (1861-1865)
After the civil war, a new law prescribed that 75% of a states male population would need to take the pledge to defend America, however less than 10% in most cases actually did, and these states were readmitted into the union, not necessarily of thier own volition but of the volition of the US.
by Japanadan October 08, 2004