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An old expression for a used condom found on the beach
The beach has gotten so dirty you can't sit down without landing on a Coney Island whitefish.
by Andrea March 07, 2003
a used condom desposed of at a beach that has washed up at shore.
native to coney island.
by darkcube September 16, 2003
a used condom floating in a river
I saw a rubber glove floating in the river and I thought it was a 5 finger coney island whitefish
by the prophet March 24, 2003
A used condom that floats in water such as near a pier, or floating by you in the ocean.
"That nasty Coney Island Whitefish almost touched me".
by bklynml May 24, 2008
a used condom descarded in a public place
"Shit dog! Watch out for that Coney Island White Fish you're about to step on."
by Tesstrogen September 15, 2003
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