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Derogatory spanish word for native american, now archaic and mostly used to describe native varieties of white corn especially those used to make chicos.
Hippolito has a whole field of concho corn.
by Papapo September 02, 2009
When another person has food or drink you desire, calling "conches" obligates them to share
*Sarah has mangos*
conchos was called by Elijah on the mangos, and now Sarah must share with Elijah.
by daddie2thesehoez October 17, 2013
A word that means your gullible because you probably thought this word meant something more offensive.
"You're such a Conch(o)!"
by ohyesitsmarc September 22, 2008
female who freely fornicates with any willing subject
Did you hook up with any conchos this weekend?
by savurass December 28, 2011
a person who mooches money off momma sulman or any momma for that matter. they are pussy whipped scum
peter sulman: i might be able to get 20 dollars from my mom
adam: okay well you need 25 concho
by nic and adam August 19, 2006