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"I am concerned, therefor I am right." The assertion that if one is coming from a position of concern (for the feelings of others, or a specific problem), then their conclusions must be viewed as credible.
1. The more time I spend online amongst atheists and atheists themed web sites, the more I understand that it is filled with intolerance, mockery, disdain and immaturity.
Every time I speak out against the arrogant attitude of many atheists, I'm simply written off as a troll or as a Christian. I've not come across a group of people, like the ' new atheists' who are so willing to so blindly follow their leaders anywhere they take them...except maybe the Christians and Muslims. A great bulk of the ' new atheists' time is spend mocking and belittling others, like they're a bunch of drunk frat boys having a laugh at someone elses expense. Anyway, that's how I see it.

2. Welcome to the new internet fallacy, the concern fallacy.
by VoXiC December 06, 2009
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