Someone who stands well over 6 feet tall and is blessed with the powers of humor and intelligence.
Conan is a huge stack of man and I would buy his sexy fine ass a lifetime-supply of Outback Steakhouse curly fries if he'd marry me. =D
by Late-Night Lover April 07, 2003
a barbarian with immense fighting prowess. Played by a man named Arnold who has also been a robot and countless other deadly beings.
Conan has great facial expressions during battle.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
The ultimate warrior.
Conan the barbarian.
by ho berry May 16, 2008
A really annoying name to have to introduce your self.
Conan? As in "Conan the Barbarian"?
by Conan, oddly. October 06, 2003
Funniest Talk Show Host Ever, except for Johnny Carson, of course.
Man, I stay up until midnight just to watch Conan!
by Matt Becker June 21, 2005
An awesome guy, funny and sexy, has a big dick and is just someone you love to be with. once you have been with him no one well feel as good again. is an amazing kisser!!!
I was with such a CONAN last night!!!
Nice one!!!
by cheryl123144 June 20, 2010
When something is promised to you for a very long time, but it is taken back amost immediatly. The person who gives/takes said thing is pulling a "Conan"
Dude, he totally got fucked over.
Yeah, that other guy pulled a Conan. What a douche.
by JubJubHero2 November 08, 2010
One who fights for the good of man. The antonym of Newman
That man will go down as one of the greatest Conans in history.
by Steven April 06, 2004
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