The funniest man on late night, much funnier than Jay Leno, and a trillion times funnier than David Letterman.
-I'm watching Leno.
-You poopface, the real laughs don't come until you enter the "Cone Zone!"
by tintle September 11, 2004
one of the best comedians of our time with witty spontaneous jokes and is much much better than Leno will ever be. Sometimes though, he gets crappy guests
Conan O'Brien made me laugh so hard the other night
by Annie December 08, 2003
he is an isanely funny man who is extremely smart, Sexy and on top of all of that he is nice to his fans. Also he is the host of the funniest talk show since Carson.
I comepletly adore Conan O'Brien
by Stephanie March 04, 2004
The funniest guy on Late-night television.
Has frequent bad musical guests
by LARSTAIT November 04, 2003
an optimistic late night talk-show host
Conan: "We have a great show tonight. I don't think I've ever mentioned that before."
audience: laugh
Conan: "Seriously, we do..."
audience: laugh again
by uglyron August 07, 2003
The tall halirious Irish talk show host of Late Night With Conan O'Brien with the best show in the history of late night.

His show is taped @ 4:30 in the afternoon at 30 Rockefeller Plaza at NBC in the GE building in New York, NY.

Grew up in Brookline, MA and went to, suprisingly, Harvard. Wrote for SNL and the Simpsons. His favorite episope being "Springfield Gets A Monorail."

Has the best late night band with the awsome drummer Max Weinberg.

100X better than the overpaid idiot Letterman.

Unfortunately has probably the worst time slot @ 12:35 so he doesn't get as many viewers as he should.

Makes about $8,000,000 a year and lives in NY with his family.

I went to his show it so sooooooo good live but I had to freeze my butt off in February for eight hours to get a standby ticket. I was number 2 and I got there at quarter to six in the A.M. However, it was worth it. I'd do it again next time I am in New York.
"I went to see Late Night with Conan O'Brien live yesterday, it was great. He is halarious."
by A_F October 10, 2005
Hilarious Late night host who some times acts stupid(it's Funny stupid)but really a genius who was his High School's Valedictorion, And graduated Magna Cum Laude From Harvard
Conan Can't be done justice in writing
by Somedude February 21, 2005

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