Really great talk show host, but horrible at football.
Conan O'Brian missed the goalpost when he was on top of a van and only a few feet away from it.
by jcad February 01, 2009
The funniest show known to mankind. Makes fun of Michael Jackson, Kirstie Ally, George Bush, Saddam Husein. You name it. This guy is the funniest man in the world, not only does he make fun of other people but himself. You can't not laugh at this guy. Especailly his Drummer Max Weinberg, when they have stare downs. Max's one liners kill me. Just watch the FUCKING show!!!
Conan O'Brian: ...and we have a wonderful show tonite, don't we Max?!
Max: uh...yeah...
Conan: Max... lay off the drugs
Max: will do Conan
by Splancer January 20, 2006
Having sex with a girl and broadcasting it late at night for your friends to watch.
I can't wait until Josh pulls a Conan O'Brian and we finally get to see him nail his chick.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
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