Complimenting another person, just in anticipation that they will, in turn, compliment you.
Compliment Fishing:

Aww, you're so pretty!

Thanks! So are you!

by mmoniot January 12, 2011
Top Definition
When someone essentially insults themself in order to get sympathy from other people. A flirting tactic used by many girls.
Guy: Hi, what's wrong?
Girl: *sigh* I look awful today!
Guy: No you don't! You look absolutely wonderful!
Girl: No, I don't. Stop being nice.
Guy: I'm serious, you do! You're the most beautiful girl in the world, you couldn't look better!
Girl: I guess... but I'm stupid.
Guy: No you're not! You're 50 million times smarter than me!

... and this compliment fishing goes on. Don't fall for it, guys. It usually leads you to a girl who will dump you unless you compliment their every move and become their slave.
by MrCuddles September 22, 2006
Putting oneself down to others to evoke sympathy from others especially regarding ones appearance. Typically happens after a break-up.
Fisher: "Oh my gosh, I feel so awful now..."
Sucker: "What do you mean?"
Fisher: "I mean...I just *sigh*...I don't know."
Sucker: "Seriously, what is it?"
Fisher: "I just wish I could still wear my size 0 pants."
Sucker: "No! You look so amazing right now! You're perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"
Fisher: "I guess *sigh* Thanks."

That my friends, was a prime example of compliment fishing. Don't be suckered.
by OStateGrl08 June 03, 2006
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