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When the food is described in overly flambouyant and unnecessary, ultimately confusing terminology. Leaving you confused about what you just ordered.
-Smoked salmon and vegetable roulade with crème fraiche and citrus dressing

-Fanned avocado salad with baby spinach leaf salad, pine nuts and berry vinaigrette (V)

-Teriyaki chicken and buckwheat noodle salad, ponzu dressing
-Saltimbocca pork medallions, puy lentils and ceps, sautéed chat potato, sage sauce

-slow roasted pulled pork and granny smith apple slaw on sourdough with crackling.

Man this menu is co complicatered, I mean who "pulled the pork" and what is "Fanned avocado"?
by Snowie1 December 06, 2011