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Someone much more than an incredible jerk. Someone much like Satan. A very dangerous and intensely fucking evil person.

Signals that someones an asshole (Very dangerous, avoid these people):
#1 Someone/Some people who laughs at you.
#1.1 Someone/Some people who STILL laughs at you after you snapped and went to the Childrens/Adults hospital over 5 times.
#1.2 Someone/Some people who STILL laughs at you while/when you just been Physically/Verbally abused.
#2 Someone/Some people who fuck up your mental health.

Ex.#1: Lots of people are Complete Fucking Assholes.
Ex.#2: A little 13 girl named Suzie Witherspoon, and a little 15 boy named Thomas Witherspoon were obviously brother & sister. One day a big, fat, ugly bully/popular bastard guy named Earl Evans in their school, Spread a/some rumor(s) about them all over New Brunswick (where they lived)!! Everywhere they went most people laughed at them inside their vehicles. 2 years later they were both found dead by suicide under the polluted-with-human-shit river.
by Caitlin13579 August 20, 2008
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