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A Company Whore is a different breed of company man. This individual:

1 - Preaches company policies.
2 - Surrounding him/herself with company trinkets (purchased with their own money).
3 - Wears company logo apparel 95% of the time (also purchased out of their pocket).
4 - Will do what is necessary to satisfy the nut sack of his/her supervisor.
5 - Will allow the company to ruin his relationship(s) to advance to the next level.
6 - Will have company literature at home (on coffee table) for his/her reading pleasure.
Hey, guys have you seen the new company apparel catalog? No, TJ we have not. I can't wait to order from it because some of my shirts are starting to fade. Hey, TJ don't forget to buy yourself some company g-strings you "Company Whore"!
by Back-Breaker May 08, 2006
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