When a heterosexual reveals they are straight as opposed to being gay.
When a person who pretends to be gay is found out to be staright. Metro sexual.
"Every one thought Bob to be gay until he was coming out of the pantry."

by johndough November 07, 2005
Top Definition
When a person - gay or straight - comes out as a gainer or encourager. Gainers are sexually attracted to being fat and getting fatter while encouragers are attracted to fat and making someone else fatter. Some people are both! This is essentially coming out about a specific part of one's sexuality.
Did you hear that Seth has began coming out of the pantry? No wonder he's gotten so fat!
by saintventre February 19, 2014
The lesbian equivalent to coming out of the closet.

When a girl admits shes a lesbian.
Guy-Should i ask Piper out?
Guy#2-Nahhhh man, shes coming out of the pantry tonight.
by CATday May 14, 2011
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