Casual unprotected sex, followed by a facial in which the eye lids are stuck together with cum.
Mike fucked her bare back then shot his load in her face sticking her eyes together. He had comfort sex with that tramp.
by Ralph Harris June 19, 2008
Top Definition
A sexual encounter between two people who used to be intimate. Like comfort food, comfort sex lets individuals reminisce about happier times and feel better about themselves.
When you fuck your ex, it's comfort sex.
by comfortsex April 13, 2011
the new codeword for "a hug".
it's especially funny when used on a random who doesn't know what it actually means.
*dan walks along the street, and spots his friend ellie looked a bit downtrodden*
dan: hey ellie! what's up?
ellie: life sucks, everything's fucking up at the moment and i don't know what to do :(
dan: is there anything i can do?
ellie: ...i could do with some comfort sex right about now
dan: aww come here
*they hug*

by slightly off centered November 18, 2007
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