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The worst place in the United States. A man was stabbed in the chest and face in a motel parking lot. A lot of mafia and gang related crimes and not safe for children after dark with all of the sexual predators. A place where a friday night is watching football and or getting high off of the weed that grows in everybody's backyards. Middle schoolers are drug dealers and most of the women have beards and bad body odor.

The most popular singer here is Keith Urban. There is practically a cornfield everywhere. Cows everywhere. Most people have a ranch in their backyard and the horses eat the weed.

There are more mexicans here than in Mexico and I don't even know how many that is it must be a lot cause everything is translated into spanish under the english version at Runza. Did I mention everybody smokes weed and cooks meth in their living room?

The people here are hardcore religious spawn of an unreal God. I mean, come the fuck on.

Everybody here /IS CATHOLIC/. Except for the few who aren't and if you aren't religious, then prepare for a shit storm cause these bible jockeys will shove the verses of that damned book up your asshole I'm not even kidding, man.
you'll come out of there with a cornhuskers hat on and a foam finger saying #WE'RE NUMBER 1!!!
but no, the football if fucking horrible and you need to sit the fuck down because this place sucks so much ass i'm not even exaggerating.

did i mention everybody does weed
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