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Columbus Park is a park located at the edge of New York City's chinatown. It consists of six basketball courts, a kiddy playground, and a grass field used for either football or soccer.

Old courts (has three courts) are the courts that were built from the start. Those who are more skilled in basketball tend to play here opposed to the new courts which is usually filled with basketball players who are not familiar with Columbus Park.

Columbus Park also has a section filled with picnic tables, but instead of picnics, it is cluttered with senior citizens playing chinese chess on a daily basis. In this area, you can smell cigarettes and old people.

Across the street from Columbus Park is the popular delicattesan, "Sam's". This deli is very popular because it is right across from the Old Courts and especially during the summer, the players tend to buy their drinks from this deli. The deli consists of five tables and chairs that accompany them. Sam's has a large variety of drinks and sandwiches.
Basketball Player 1: Alright, we're finally at Columbus Park. So where do we play ball?

Basketball Player 2: What about these courts? They look nice!

Basketball Player 1: Sure, why not? They sure as hell look better than those old courts down there!

by CM35 August 22, 2009
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