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You know why those kids went on a killer rampage? Because ever since first grade, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were having their self-esteem being whittled away by their teachers. Some may say their fellow peers and classmates, but for the most part, it is a combination of fear, poor self esteem (or self-hate), and contempt against a system they cannot change or escape from.

Think about it, Eric Harris is 18 years old, and Dylan Klebold is 17 years of age. Exactly how much do they fucking know about the real world? Have they been into college yet, got their own white collar jobs, or gotten married? No! All they experienced was constant put-downs and rejections from their teachers and their inept parents. As for the widely adopted theory that they were social outcasts that got their asses kicked every day, thats just largely a myth perpetuated by the press, same goes for the so called "Harris levels", that were supposed to be simulations of the shootings as DOOM levels.

For my school, I couldn't change classes until 11th grade, and even at that point, only once a semester. Because of this, I was subjected to incompetent teachers all my life. Ms. Santiago, a 80-year old Cuban Wrinkly Witch who hadn't had anyone fuck her for eighty straight years had publicly humiliated each of my classmates and me, and made racist impressions, claimed immunity from legal action because she was part of the council, and can veto can public appeal to have her rotten prune-like ass fired.

Bryan Astrachan, my Driver's Education teacher didn't teach me diddly fucking shit about how to drive, and instead, told us not to do drugs, showed us videos of Red Asphalt, prison documentaries, and the "BAD SIDE" (RUN AWAY!) of doing drugs and consuming even the most miniscule amounts of alcohol. He said the entire class can't do anything else aside from becoming a professional door-greeter for a Walmart Supercenter, and threatened to write up "marks" on my Driver's License and raise my insurance rates if I dared to talk back against him. He bragged personally that he had extended the prison sentence of a person who only bought a car without a license for 25-years to "teach him a lesson". He himself is a 45-year old virgin, is balding already, and gets far far worse in the classroom when he wakes up from his bed with bright yellow pee stains in his pajamas.
Columbine isn't caused by bullying, those kids are too consumed with disillusionment and self-hate to understand what really instigated their murderous rampage since their first days in school.
by C Tan October 28, 2007
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A "tragedy" which made idiotic fools fool themselves into thinking Eric and Dylan were going to "hell". Hahaha its NOT GOING TO HAPPEN sore losers they got away with it face it, stop being in denial LOL.
Columbine DID happen because of bullying idiots. Difference is these guys had the mind and weaponry to actually do what many people fantasize about.
by THEYWONYOULOST April 09, 2005
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An event in which to genius boys who had the knowledge to to change the world were driven to shoot up an entire school. No one would just shut the fuck up with there close minded boundries of "normal" and "decent". Columbine was a scary and i will admit, horifyling event. But i still think that the ones who say "i just dont know why they did this" are the ones who caused it. The only way that you can help to prevent this from happening again is if you "liberate your mind."-Disturbed
Think of it this way. Who were the ones who were made fun of in our parents time? The Nerds or Geeks or what ever. Now look at em! look at fuckin google!! The Nerds are now ruling the fucking world!!! why cant society see that were the new nerds! we may be getting kicked out of school but we are geniuses and Clumbine should has proved that!!! I say "we" because i understand the two kids!! I feel for them and i hope that one day you will all wish you had listend to them !!!!!!!!!
Columbine is the prof that America will always be a lie...
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When you just can't take it anymore. To put an end to it.
If the boss says one more stupid thing to me, I am going to go Columbine in here.

Leave me alone before I Columbine this situation
by You know you thought it too May 03, 2011
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The act of performing a massive school shooting (i.e. replicating what happened at Columbine High), although the location might not necessarily be a school but rather any establishment containing a large amount of people (i.e. a workplace).
Jimmy was arrested for saying that he was going to columbine his high school.
by djh712 July 02, 2010
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A term that descrides a school shooting, named for the high school where it took place.
We had to talk about Columbine again for an hour when we could have been eating lunch.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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A kid in school that seems like any moment could break the camels back and he's gonna go postal
Chris: Yo Tom, why'd you let that kid cut you in line?
Tom: Don't you know? That's Columbine. When shit hits the fan I wanna be in the clear
by laz Dario May 20, 2008
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A term that commonly refers to a deadly school shooting in 1999 at the eponymous high school in the unincorporated area of Columbine (NOT Littleton), Colorado. The attack was carried out by gunman Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17). Though common misconceptions point to cultural influences like Marylin Manson, DOOM and gothic subculture and the effect of school bullying, Dave Cullen's extraordinary expose of the tragedy dispels many of these myths.

To put it briefly, Eric was a psychopath who was obsessed with violence and formulated the attack, which was to be a bombing, for years. He fantasized about numerous, high-scale attacks, strived to outdo any previous instance of American domestic terrorism with hundreds of fatalities, and kept a detailed journal of every little facet of their plan. It was his idea. It could be said that Eric almost singlehandedly carried out the attacks. He was sadistic, without empathy and saw everyone as inferior.
Dylan was a depressive tagalong who simply wanted a way out of life. He looked to Eric for approval for everything. He was good at heart and almost chickened out more than once. He wrote about love and crushes in his journal and simply saw himself as a failure. He put very little toward the attacks.
Columbine was a tragedy heavily reported at the turn of the millennium, but so many were misinformed. Dave Cullen's Columbine is a modern marvel and everyone should read it before claiming to know everything about the massacre.
by omnomon September 11, 2012
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