You know why those kids went on a killer rampage? Because ever since first grade, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were having their self-esteem being whittled away by their teachers. Some may say their fellow peers and classmates, but for the most part, it is a combination of fear, poor self esteem (or self-hate), and contempt against a system they cannot change or escape from.

Think about it, Eric Harris is 18 years old, and Dylan Klebold is 17 years of age. Exactly how much do they fucking know about the real world? Have they been into college yet, got their own white collar jobs, or gotten married? No! All they experienced was constant put-downs and rejections from their teachers and their inept parents. As for the widely adopted theory that they were social outcasts that got their asses kicked every day, thats just largely a myth perpetuated by the press, same goes for the so called "Harris levels", that were supposed to be simulations of the shootings as DOOM levels.

For my school, I couldn't change classes until 11th grade, and even at that point, only once a semester. Because of this, I was subjected to incompetent teachers all my life. Ms. Santiago, a 80-year old Cuban Wrinkly Witch who hadn't had anyone fuck her for eighty straight years had publicly humiliated each of my classmates and me, and made racist impressions, claimed immunity from legal action because she was part of the council, and can veto can public appeal to have her rotten prune-like ass fired.

Bryan Astrachan, my Driver's Education teacher didn't teach me diddly fucking shit about how to drive, and instead, told us not to do drugs, showed us videos of Red Asphalt, prison documentaries, and the "BAD SIDE" (RUN AWAY!) of doing drugs and consuming even the most miniscule amounts of alcohol. He said the entire class can't do anything else aside from becoming a professional door-greeter for a Walmart Supercenter, and threatened to write up "marks" on my Driver's License and raise my insurance rates if I dared to talk back against him. He bragged personally that he had extended the prison sentence of a person who only bought a car without a license for 25-years to "teach him a lesson". He himself is a 45-year old virgin, is balding already, and gets far far worse in the classroom when he wakes up from his bed with bright yellow pee stains in his pajamas.
Columbine isn't caused by bullying, those kids are too consumed with disillusionment and self-hate to understand what really instigated their murderous rampage since their first days in school.
by C Tan October 28, 2007
1. A revolution that ended school bullying once and for all.
2. A weak defense for gun control advocates (lets have car control cuz they kill more people)
3. A reference that nerds make to threaten the jocks at school who used to tease them.
Jock: uh, uh, I am gonna kick your ass nerd
Me: I'll freakin' Columbine your ass. Your the first on my hit list so you best ditch and get baked on four twenty
Jock: I'm sorry, I was just teasing
Me: You are still number 2 next to the slutty cheerleader who called me a fag.
Jock: No please, I'm begging you.
Me: oh, you're so dead
by Tom Bomb December 28, 2005
To lose sanity and go on a rampage (shooting or otherwise) on people (guilty and innocent alike) in a larger group after the larger group has caused you stress, pain, and discomfort that leads to your loss of sanity. See also wordpostalword
The constant bullying of the preppies and jocks have caused him to pick up his AK-47 and go Columbine on everyone.
by KinFreon May 19, 2003
School in Littleton, Colorado where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot 16 people, including themselves, on April 20, 1999.
Shut up, Daniel Peck. It's because of assholes like you that they felt that the world and almost everyone in it sucked, and they decided to take matters into their own hands.
by asfsdfsdfstetertwertrewyeru June 26, 2004
Event in which two social outcasts, who were simply tired of being picked on, ran rampage throughout their school, shooting and killing afew people in the process.
Contrary to popular belief, the Columbine kids didn't do this because of Marilyn Manson, Neo-Nazism, The Matrix, or Doom (although these did contribute to their defective minds.) They did it because they were tired of being picked on!
by just another freaky kid September 02, 2003
The topic of school shootings, named for the famous high school in which one took place in.
All we do in health is talk about Columbine.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
1. A flower
2. A high school where two social outcasts shot afew students because they were being teased so much.
3. A term coined from def.#2 that is about the school shooting.
1. Columbines are pretty.
2. Columbine high school must have had the worst security.
3. We're always talking about Columbine at school.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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