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A Columbia Heights Breakfast is a sexual act of foreplay where a man breaks an egg atop a woman's breasts and then proceeds to scramble it with his penis. The act is considered especially notable if the women is vegan.

The term is derived from the neighborhood of Columbia Heights, Washington DC which is comprised of a predominately El Salvodorean population. Breakfast dishes that include scrambled eggs and chorizo sausage are considered quite popular at neighborhood Hispanic restaurants.
"Oh man, look at them tittay's; I'd like to give her a Columbia Heights Breakfast" or "Wouldn't mind using my chorizo to give her a Columbia Heights Breakfast"
by joeywash September 02, 2009
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A "Columbia Heights Breakfast" is when you break two eggs on her tittays, and attempt to scramble them with your chorizo sausage
Last night I brought a chic to my apartment, we fooled around, and in the morning I made her a Columbia Heights Breakfast. Them tits was amazing
by Angee Bear aka CH Enforcer September 02, 2009
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