One of the most boring places in Maryland. Nothing is open past 9, everyone is old and rich, or "gangsta" and broke. Despite it's location, which is partway between DC and baltimore, there is still nothing to do. If you want drugs, all you have to do it walk aroung wilde lake for a bit (just don't get stabbed or shot), and If you want food there is a mall (convientally located near wilde lake). There are hardly any skate spots, and if I haven't said this before, IT SUCKS. the only completely badass thing in columbia, is DEFENESTRATION (
Avoid at all costs.
Man, fuck columbia. Who knew something so great like defenestration could come from a shithole like columbia.
by antonio Janifer September 15, 2005
Columbia is a gay poser town. Everyone there is either a prep or a poser, or usually both. They like to smoke weed in there spare time, which is always because noone there has a life. Noone there has any culture and the farthest they have ever been is the Dairy Queen at the end of main street. Nobody likes good music, they like to steal all there music from ashley and chelsea. All the little posers and preps are going to grow up and become townies.
Hey do you like a box full of sharp twinkies.
by the townie March 27, 2005
columbia is a country in south america that is known for it's drug trade. the place has got a totally bloody history and a not-so-good government. they really really really despise their reputation as having a drug culture. they want to be perceived as a friendly little country that everybody should invest in and all the tourists should visit. however, the ideas of the medelin cartel are caught up in everybody's minds.
columbia is famous for the coca plant. however, they'd like to be known for the coffee, not the coaine.
by Tit For Twat February 01, 2007
Land in South America.
Main exports: cocaine, illegal immigrants.
Main imports: drug money
I want to become a drug lord in Columbia!
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
A pompous anti-semetic ivy-league University where you pay for what you believe is a great education but really all that you have learned is how to be a complete and total ass after 4-years undergraduate. Save your money and go to CUNY Honors and drive around in a Mercedes S500 instead.
That school is such a columbia! Good thing I have decided to not waste my money on an inferior education with people who think that just because they go to that school they are better than everyone else.
by bad martha focker February 14, 2005
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