A rapidly growing Suburb of St. Louis that at first seems like the perfect place to live on the surface. But truly it is the most artificial Yuppie infested place in the entierty of the mid west. The houses are little more than over expensive cubes of plastic siding, and the schools are more like asylums for the culturly ill.
Paying tribute to it's mostly German heritage Columbia has instated a self importan squad of gestapo like Police, who for some reason can do anything they want with out a warrent. And instead of stopping what actual crimes do go on in this town they spend their time harassing loiterers and skateboarders, or pretty much anyone under 25.
This town is supposed to be a safe, spottless community but people drive like the have their heads completly up there own ass due to having cell phones surgically attached to their heads. Also there are many accounts of child molesters and the like and recently a youth minister ath the local Baptist church was charged with making child porn at a church run summer camp.
Everything here is subdivisions with fake lawns and perfect roads exept for a small chunk of crap on the sothern edge of town that the city officials have apearantly have forgotten and pay no attention to and have since let to deteriorate with out any attempt to fix streets.
There are almost no successful businesses in Columbia exept a dominos and an infinite amount of Real Estate agencies that exist to populate the endless rows of siding cubes. There is no sense of community of in Columbia. Everyone is either too stuck up or distrusting to talk or say hi and busily rush on past you on the sidewalks, or try to run you over in their escalades (no joke). The worst thing about columbia is that they are constantly pwned by neighboring Waterloo.
You know all those bottles you always recycle? They aren't used to make sweaters and sleeping bags, they get melted down into Columbia Houses.

After WW II Gestapo officers, fearing for their lives, moved to Columbia, Illinois and became police officers.
by Redhawk23 March 18, 2007
Top Definition
A smallish suburb located roughly halfway between Baltimore, Md and D.C. The median income, as well as the median age of residents (and cost of living) is slowly rising. Best known for its ridiculous literary street names. The example below features actual street names.
The girl from Columbia who lived on Red Keel was jealous of her friend, who lived on Mooseberger Court.
by ZGL March 03, 2005
The Capital of the great state of South Carolina. Also the home of the University of South Carolina whose mascot is the GAMECOCK!
(Your School's Ladies love our COCKS!)
by token February 27, 2005
The best and sparkliest character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Columbia likes to dance the Time Warp and expose her breasts.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
A planned community in central Maryland. The vision of James Rouse in the 1960's.

Not a town, not a city, but huge and threatening to take over surrounding areas like Scaggsville and Clarksville, Columbia is also notorious for many nursing homes and being "Suburban Nation".
"Dude, there's nothing to do in Columbia after 9. The only 24/7 place is the 7-11."
by Columbian April 23, 2005
A planned city in Maryland of about 100,000 people between Baltimore and DC. Probably one of the most diverse places you can find in this country. You can find every type of person from the rich, to the middle class, to the poor, and a lot of different ethnicities.

Columbia is made up of 10 villages. Some of the apartments in the oldest villages (oakland mills, wilde lake, harpers choice, owen brown, long reach) have high crime due to relocation of public housing from mostly Baltimore but also DC,PG County, and NY. Lotta hispanics in some areas to. But this is seen in all of the Baltimore-Washington burbs, even the richest city in montgomery county (Potomac) has section 8 apartments yup. Oakland Mills is probably the worst part of columbia, feels like a clone of Baltimore City and there's nothing there to do. Due to the growing public housing over the past 20 years and increasing, and more gentrification in baltimore, a lot of people say Columbia will become the next Baltimore City but I doubt that, maybe more like a Yonkers like in NY with a higher crime rate and more money lol.

Columbia is in howard county, which is now ranked the third richest county in the nation. Columbia and Ellicott City together were ranked by money magazine as the #8 best place 2 live. Makes sense since the schools are good and it is right in between 2 cities with a lot of sh*t to do in those cities. But you take the good w/ the bad, you have to deal with a lot of fake people, like lower-middle class pretendin to be rich, or upper middle class pretendin to act "street" like the poor people who live in the apartments down the street lol.
"Columbia? Man Columbia is borin as sh*t aint nothin to do out there"

"There some real ni**as out there, but a lot dem ni**as is rich clowns, they walk around wearin white people clothes and the white people wearin black people clothes"

"Columbia has no indentity, no culture, feels fake"

by BackOnMyGrind April 29, 2009
The first of America's space shuttle fleet (Enterprise was actually built first, but never flew in space.). First flight event occurred in 1981. She was destroyed upon reentry into earth's atmosphere in 2003 killing her crew of seven.
Columbia flew her maiden voyage in 1981.
by mj_oblio February 29, 2004
Poetic name for the Americas, mostly dating from the nineteenth century, a feminized version of Christopher Columbus' name. Also the name of a popular female personification of the United States around that time, particularly before the construction and dedication of the Statue of Liberty; the Columbia Pictures logo is an excellent example of this allegorical figure. Several cities, counties, neighborhoods and institutions in the U.S. have Columbia as or in their name — especially the capital, the District of Columbia. Canada's westernmost province is likewise named British Columbia.
Columbia is also how dumb people spell "Colombia," a friendly and colorful nation in South America that is unfortunately beset by drug-related conflict.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon November 28, 2005
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