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A small town west of Fort Wayne, Indiana, located in quaint Whitley county (county population is 33, 292 according to the 2010 census) and is a great example of why people stereotype Indiana.

Mainly filled with wannabe hillbillies (yeah they actually try to be white trash) and single minded country folk, this town takes its pride in its in-breeding gatherings known as Old Settlers Day and the 4-H Fair.

If the town isn't crowding Wal-Mart every hour they're probably at the basketball game cheering on their beloved Eagles because they don't have better things to do on a Friday night than reminisce about the 2004 team that got their asses handed to them at state. On the rare occurence townspeople want some entertainment they reluctantly go to Fort Wayne (nigger heaven, in their opinion) to see a country concert.

The men of the town usually love to drive huge trucks, excessively use the word "nigger", suck authority figures' dicks to get their sons on teams, and act like they're Albert Einstein about EVERYTHING. The women are often fake, gossip whores who grow up fucking multiple people by the time they're 18, and actually consider themselves wife material.

Nothing is unique about Columbia City but the townspeople consider it God's gift to the Earth.
Family 1: We're considering moving to Columbia City, Indiana.

Family 2: You must prefer fucking farm animals and never getting out much.

Town motto: Columbia City - If you don't like George Bush, then you can get out.
by Fuckyoudome February 25, 2011