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Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride299 - A fake ass whiny little bitch from ChatHour that makes fake profiles posing as a girl such as his fake ass bitch AussiePride299 that he uses to compliment himself with because he's such a fucktarded pathetic desperate cuntrag with no friends that feels the need to try to impress others with his bullshit and loserish wannabe-troll attempts to fight in chatrooms.

He bitches about his overweight post-op tranny ex-husband constantly with his annoying ass that probably left him because of that shit.

He thinks he's hard yet he doesn't fool anyone besides himself because he thinks he's the man yet he's nothing but a little bitch with no life that spends all his time in chats trying to get the attention of other males he likes and tries to flirt with secretly because he takes cock up his fucking ass. His existence is nothing BUT chatrooms and delusions of having a life.

Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride299 aka AussiePride299 and many other fake accounts, you are a faggot ass little whiny bitch and just got exposed to the entire world so go eat a dick you desperate fuckwit, we all know you'd enjoy that since that's all you ever talk about in chats you loser.

In case you're wondering who I am, you already know you whiny ass bitch. Come at me bro, just keep your dick in your pants and your hands where I can see them you homo ass faggot.

- owned and exposed, u mad bro? I bet you are now :) -

Colossus2012: My ex left me years ago and I still whine about it :(

Colossus2012: Anybody want to let me suck their dick? Please?

AussiePride299: I'll suck your dick Colossus2012

Colossus2012: It's too sore from all my chronic masturbating to gay anal porn :(

AussiePride299: It's ok baby, come eat my pussy ;)

EnglishPride299: I can't, my herpes is flaring up :(

Colossus2012: oh shit I typed on the wrong name, oops

ChatHourUser: lol you're so fake Colossus, we all know it.

Colossus2012: Shut up, I am not, I have a life!

ChatHourUser: prove it, you have tons of fake profiles and no pics or friends you loser, you never will have them either

Colossus2012 stalls and avoids answering as usual

ChatHourUser: See, thought so, you can't prove shit pathetic fuckwit, owned and self-exposed.


Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride299 was just owned hard and exposed to the entire world as the desperate pathetic whiny little shitbag that he is. lmfaooo ;)

by TrollOwnage October 06, 2012
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