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Colonie High is like your mom, so filled with douche that it's unbearable. Somehow, the school, with a huge tax base (including Central Ave. stores) manages to suck unimaginably hard.

The school offers no noteworthy classes or extracurricular activities, most of the students are either scumbags or scumbags, the best sports team is the bowling team, there is no pool, the building looks like it was built 100 years ago (it was), the bio wing always smells like dead cats, the hall monitors are huge dicks, and the administration is so dumb and slow that I'm surprised people even bother going anymore.

Compared to other local schools like Niskayuna, Shen, Shaker, and Guilderland, Colonie is like the retarded runt of the litter.

In fact, the only exciting thing about the school was the (sadly) unsuccessful bomb threat several years ago.

The only good things about the school are the teachers, and project lead the way, so don't bother getting your hopes up.

The reason I was happy during graduation was that I never had to go back to this shithole, good luck all you underclassmen!
I went to Colonie Central High School, no wonder my family and friends left me and I'm living on the streets.
by SeltzerDaddy August 05, 2010
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