the most northern reaching country in south america incredibly diverse.

It's Capital Bogota populated by 6 million people has a lower crime rate than most large cities of its kind.
The cultural hub, nicknamed the "Athens of Latin America". Year round entertainment in arts, theater, museums, compiles a bit of everything you could want in higher entertainment. Not very warm but dam shinny and fun.

Just like the temperature in each region of the country varies so does it's people.

From very cold icy mountaints populated by a few shy indian farmers and lonely Park rangers (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), to scorching hot dessert splashed by the caribbean and some very unique people (Guajira), (Tayrona national Park) sorounded by imposing arqueological finds humid tropical jungle and pristine beaches. All within a couple hours drive. Warm old colonial and cosmopolitan cities inhabited bye some of the loudest, most effusive & downright nosiest people in the country(Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta)=These are the Costeños, living on the Atlantic coast line.

From the coffe axis of Colombia, come some of the smartest people on earth. You can probably find one in every city of the world. The Paisas, originary from Antioquia (Coffe and Orquids export, home of the infamous Pablo Escobar) and its capital Medellin, The Paisas are quick witted, savy, funny, respectfull but impulsive, sentimental, strong, curiuos and inventive. In business and everyday life they will make adrenaline flow and get things done right. But look out! for any street vendor could con your undies off and make you buy a bridge or two.

Other well known colombians include: the Pastusos, famed in jokes for their naivete; the Caleños, hot blodded and skillfull dancers with a tropical view of life; my own people the San Andreans who live in islands not far off the coast of Nicargua and speak good English, bad English and Spanish as a second language.

Everything varies from temperature to temperament, language to accent to build, color, taste, food...
45,600,000 numbers Colombia's population. Not evenly distributed, most Colombians living in the mountainous western portion of the country as well as the northern coastline. The Southern and Eastern portions of the country are mostly sparsely inhabited tropical rainforest and inland tropical plains containing small farming towns and indigenous comunnities.
Currently there is low-intensity conflict involving rebel guerrilla groups, paramilitary militias, drug trafficking and corruption. The conflict originated around 1964-1966, when the FARC and the ELN were founded and began their guerrilla insurgency campaigns against successive Colombian government administrations. It worsened with the birth of drug traffic and it's increasing socioeconomical demands. The societal structure is now unbalanced. Affecting directly and specially the lower class and the political and economical every day life.

There is poverty, crime and war in many rural aereas.
Nobody really trust politicians (who does?) or the armed forces and the public eye is jaundiced toward any power structure and have no qualms to make fun of them. In many rural areas you will here coments like: guerilla, armed forces, paras (paramilitars) they are all the same!.

As is expected in any country with these issues there is danger. So while traveling by road is relatively safe it's not so much for the very caucasian or asian who usually stick out like a sore tumb in rural areas. Usually the people abducted for ransom are employees of international organizations or oil companies.
Corrupt oficials are rumored to sell info to criminals and guerrilla in order to locate high paying victims.

Drugs are not as free flying in urban aereas as in first world countries. Drugs are processed mostly in the bush and jungle land. Colombia is well known for its illegal export of cocain, infamous drugs lords, corrupt officials and the guerrilla groups.
Rural towns where access is difficult augment poverty and crime, although poverty is not the factoring cause of major crimes like kidnappings, it's mostly organized crime rather than poor people just looking to survive.
As in any country no matter how advanced, be adviced to keep your eyes open and find out before hand where it's safe to travel.

Colombian best known symbol is Juan Valdez, this mustached paisa and his mule loaded with coffe. This logo is recognizable world wide.
There are many reasons why judging Colombia by the media is wrong, (As mentioned before in the Mr. & Mrs Smith example) But It's understandable just like we all judge other countries from what we see on CNN. Im sure the US is not chuck full of gun totting psico's and rapists, Paris Hilton's, OJ Simpsons, G. Bushes...
Colombians are among the most diverse and occidentalized latin americans.
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by Norak April 30, 2007
Not that place where its dangerous to go outside "cause you can get killed", Colombia is not a place where all the houses are made of cardboard, no they're not made of plastic bags either.
Colombia is just like any other place. Only better imo.
No, the population is not 40 billion indians, colombians are NOT mexican, and no, they are NOT like they show in that stupid movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, like somebody mentioned before, there isn't guerilla everywhere you go, and honestly the people you find here are much kinder and polite.
Colombia has beautiful places, territory, landscapes, PEOPLE, änd from what I've heard, really nice cofee.
It's a normal country, I love it, and like all countries it has its flaws but I just wanted people to notice that by some books, they are getting THE WRONG picture.
Colombia rocks. Period
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by Paaaooo May 11, 2007
Colombia is a badly potrayed country, half the definitions have arguing Americans and Colombians. I'm British, lived there for 6 years and explored it all, as any country it has it's crime rate, it has it's faults, but to instantly label it as the most dangerous is due to ignorance and false potrayal by everyone. Colombian day to day life is like that of any South American country, the poor get on with their lives, the rich get on with their lives and the guerilla try to screw everything up. Bogota is a beautiful capital city, Medellin has some nice areas and Cali is truly the home of salsa. Santa Marta on the coast has beautiful beaches and magnificient snow covered mountains. It is misguided for anyone to say that no one in Colombia consumes narcotics, in every country there are those who do, it just happens to be that in Colombia las FARC turned production into a business, however this doesn't at all help the country as they evade taxation and take land from the farmers.
It is also unwise to say that all those kidnapped are American. How many Colombians have not been kidnapped? I was present for the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt (probably most hated woman in the country) which was an amazing achievement, and she is Colombian, no matter how French she wants to be.

To finish off, Americans need to get a hold of themselves, no one is out to get them, you're not important enough for people to do that.
La Invitacion - Jorge Celedon
describes perfectly the beauty that Colombia holds, sadly it's only in Spanish.
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by Alexander Reath January 05, 2011
The best country in the world. It is by far the most beautiful in the world, and the only reason i'm not living there is because of the idiots that call themselves guerillas!
my cousin's grandfather was kidnapped by the guerillas
by carito!!! January 26, 2005
A country that Tony Montana hates.
I don't like fuckin' Colombians, alright?
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by Tony Scarface Montana August 20, 2008
Please read this....I hate to make this look like a chatroom because of my response to the heat I've been receiving (I guess I deserve it as well), but I figured I just HAVE to respond, and thus let people know what I truly am.

To start with, I am sorry for my opinionism intruding when I was defining Colombia. By nature, Colombia is a beautiful country. Latin countries are beautiful generally. What I like about Colombia is their coffee, which is the finest in the world.
I am sorry that I said it's "the most dangerous country in the world". Iraq really is, but that's because it's under anarchy. I only said it was dangerous because of what it's going through, and that for Americans it's dangerous. The truth is, I only know what I hear & read about Colombia. What makes Colombia so dangerous is that the FARC has waged a decades-long war with the current government, and I heard about how American tourists are "held for ransom". The truth to this is that there are said to be bounties placed on American tourists, possibly by the FARC....and the rewards are high. I have noticed that there are lots of places in Colombia that are actually impoverished, and it is understandable that one would do anything for money, especially if they have a dying family. I just don't believe that Americans should be thee target to kill. I personally am fed up with how Americans are bashed left and right, and in essence, the reason they are hated and despised is because they exist.


If the FARC can be dealt with, Colombia would be a much safer country. The reason the US doesn't help is because we believe in freedom, and even privacy. Therefore we don't barge into a country without proper negotiations. America is NOT an empire like everyone loves to think nowadays.

So I thought I'd clear this up. Once again, I am sorry. And also once again : I DON'T HATE COLOMBIA (I love their coffee, and I'm certain that, like in other latin countries, their women are beautiful, but then again I am a lady-lover). You guys may hate me, but I don't hate you.
"If you don't want to accept my apologies, that's OK too. But take my advice : if you stoop to hatred, then you're no different from those who hate you & your country."
by Dave July 06, 2004
I'm absolutely disgusted by some of the lies that have been posted on here. I can understand people praising Colombia, but why lie? That's what I don't understand. Norak claims drugs aren't as available as in 1st world nations, yet strangely journalists who go to the city slums ALWAYS report people out of their heads on basuco, crack, blow or cocaine.

Why is it whenever I see the barrios of say, Medellin on some documentary (which isn't very often believe me), people are snorting or smoking stuff like it's going out of fashion? Very strange. Almost as if there's a cover up. I read on a website a while back that some Colombians are in denial about this. They'll angrily deny there's a drug addict problem to your face while getting high on a joint. That's not me saying that it's someone else.

Another fib Norak told was crime is mainly in rural areas when most murders are in urban, and most of it is by common criminals. Bogota is actually MORE dangerous than most cities of it's size too. Not sure what he/she was going on about there.

Which brings me on to another liar - J.B. again. He's another who talks as if Colombia's on the news all the time. Where on EARTH do people get this from?? Do a Google search on murder rate with the US then compare with Colombia and see how many results come up. In other words, don't pretend Colombia's violence is some well known phenomenon because it isn't.

J.B. also lied about Colombia being safer than South Africa and Venezuela. Brazil I'd agree with, but the year prior to J.B.'s definition (2003) Colombia certainly was NOT safer than South Africa and Venezuela. Why did he say it? You tell me.

Now let's look at his ridiculous argument about Washington being more dangerous than Bogota, we'll use 2003 stats again. How BIG is Washington compared to the Colombian capital, particularly the figure he's using? 44 per 100,000 for a city of half a million people compared to Bogota's 23 per 100k amidst SEVEN MILLION, yet if we use the ENTIRE metropolitan area of D.C. (five million) the rate goes down to 9 per 100,000.

I'll go further. If we compare the Bogota suburb of Soacha (300,000+) to the core city of Washington, it's murder rate is HIGHER at 47 per 100,000. These are far more like for like comparisons. You see where this is going? It's crafty and I see it all the time, let's compare apples with apples.

Yes, Bogota is much, MUCH safer than it was in the early 90's, but I think a city of seven million that still had 1,372 murders in 2006 would only be considered safe by idiots. Don't get me STARTED on the brutally violent cities in the Valle del Cauca province!

Dave, just ignore these politically correct arse-kissers. I'm interested in facts and I hope people rate me on my content, not my shitty attitude. Thank you and for the record, Colombia is MUCH safer since Uribe became president...but STILL a violent place, so keep your wits about you.
Fact: Most murders in Colombia are in urban areas, and in an average year, 75% of all murders are committed by common criminals.
#colombia #murder #bogota #valle del cauca #drugs
by Two-headed leg December 25, 2007
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