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A connoisseur of cologne. One who recognizes and appreciates the subtleties of fine colognes and perfumes. He understands industry terminology such as "sillage" and "notes", is unswayed by masculine- or feminine-directed marketing, and he may have expert training or knowledge. He may have a large wardrobe of colognes from which to choose for various occasions and he knows how and when to apply them for greatest impact or close-quarter-only situations.

The masculine equivalent of "perfumista".

Origin: "Quarry" of online fragrance forums.
Tania asked her colognoisseur husband, Luca Turin, what new, cutting-edge cologne he would recommend for her college-bound nephew.

Whew! The loud, cheap-smelling funk coming off Bob let everyone downwind know he was no colognoisseur.
by MadScientist@Basenotes October 22, 2008
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