The name of a man where just the mention of his name will make the normal mortal throw up pure gold. His presence can even arouse the most majestic beasts because of his blonde flowing mane. He is a man of men and when you see him you get that feeling like when you witness a mouse giving birth to a rainbow. Some women only dream of him because looking at him can cause blindness or reproductive system pain. ;)
Girl: Yesterday I saw a dove carrying a buffalo...while flying...while receiving was...
Dude: What did it feel like?
Girl: It felt like looking at a Collin...
by manicuffs14 December 27, 2010
Person with this name is claimed to have intense skills that are needed in the basic world. Often in a jolly mood inside, and is more than ideal for activities related to intimate relationships and is more than successful in life.
I wish I was Collins!

Dude, I should start calling you Collins since your luck is one of the Irish.
by anna156 February 24, 2009
Collins- to wank, to masturbate, to beat ones meat.
''Brb, i'm just going for a quick collins!''

''Where has he gone?''
''For a Collins.''
by An Mysterious Observer ;) January 25, 2010
the cutest, most loveable, awesome, sexiest guy ever. keala loves him with all her heart (:
the best person in the entire world!!
i LOOOOOVE collin (:
by alaek. November 18, 2010
A person who is so incredibly awesome that I cannot think of the proper way to describe it! He can be super nice (on a VERY rare occasion) or mean if he doesn't like you:P. and he is super smart.
Person One: Hey, did you understand the homework?
Person Two: No, but ask Collin, he'll understand!
by Rachael:D February 06, 2012
An outright sexy beast. Good at sports, incredibly smart, and handsome, Collins are usually fun to be around. His only flaws are procrastination and shyness. He is very awkward around girls he likes, but will eventually get normal if he knows her well enough. He is always able to come up with a good joke, but is not very quick to think of them.
Girl 1: Boy, is Collin hot.
Girl 2: Tell me about it.
Girl 1: I wish he would just ask me out already.
Girl 2: It's going to take a while.
Girl 1: I know. *sigh*
by mothalova May 06, 2012
A pretty sexy and amazing person tall athletic gives good advice a true bro to people likes big asses and is very intelligent but can be very perverted at times and a douchebag occasionally but is pretty damn awesome
Girl 1: Damn Collins is looking good

Girl 2: But he can be a real jerk sometimes

Girl 1: but hes still sexy
by DevilBat412 November 10, 2012
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