One of the richest and least threatening parts of Palo Alto, known for a lack of crime and an abundance of old Caucasian people. Some notable denizens include Wade Hauser, Conor Raftery, and Matt Segall, all of whom are coincidentally "bitch niggas".
"Hey brehh are we in college terrace?"

"I just saw a prius so most likely"

(wades a knock)
by yungbayb00iii May 01, 2011
Top Definition
Commonly referred to as "The CT", College Terrace is the hardest, most gangster part of town in Palo Alto. People get robbed on the daily and homicides are very common. The most dangerous street in particular is Harvard St., where pitbulls run loose and thugs roll dice on the corner
College Terrace is home to some of the most thug hoodratz in PA!
by razorthug July 16, 2008

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