A person who is poor, procrastinates a lot, and somehow manages to succeed in completing a never-ending pile of homework. Often found with bags under their eyes, hyped up on caffeine, and eating top ramen while working on assignments for the next class.
Damn Jordan, you are such a college student! Wasn't that essay assigned 3 weeks ago and you are just now doing it!? You need to lay off the energy drinks and get some rest. Maybe you should think about doing your work AHEAD of time.
by TheCollegeGuy916 September 20, 2011
Top Definition
A machine that turns coffee into essays, charts, and various equations depending on its major.
I need a college student to crank out a theorem by monday morning.
by chemmjr April 13, 2010
Those that not only sell their bodies at night but also their brains by day
College student: "Plebecite, I go to Harvard"

Random Pedestrian: "Must be a tough life huh?"
by ivytrash September 02, 2008
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