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College Pro Painters was founded by a college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1971. It is North America’s original and most successful student painting company. We paint homes in the summer months and all our managers – who are franchisees – are full time college students. Each year we paint an average of 30,000 homes in communities throughout North America.

We operate in 29 U.S. states and in 7 Canadian provinces, and every year we recruit, select, and extensively train hundreds of franchise managers to deliver a quality paint job and customer experience, run their own businesses, and uphold the promise of the College Pro Painters brand.
"The positive experience with College Pro Painters when they recently painted my home was one I would gladly repeat. Scott was persistent despite my difficult work schedule which didn’t allow for lengthy meetings nor did it allow for easy meeting times. He adapted to these times and was quick in returning an estimate. He was able to move up on his schedule when an opening presented itself and remained within my limited budget. The crew manager was pleasant, responsive and always kept the outcome of the job in mind. He was resourceful and mindful of the needs of his crew as well as paid attention to the detail that there was no shortage of. Each time a request was made or decision had to be made, he was helpful and thoughtful. The crew was also very pleasant and great to share moments with through the project. There were no times of tension or frustration that often accompany such a project. I review these college students as great talents for their own futures. I will again turn to College Pro when I need my home painted or when asked by a friend who I would recommend for a job in the future. My thanks to a team well run and of good character." ~Mr. Robinson, Homeowner and customer

"College Pro is a great experience for college students looking to gain real working experience in a variety of different fields. Since you are the owner of the franchise, you oversee all aspects and have the ability to run your business in your fashion. The skills that I acquired this past summer, I couldn't have gotten at any other summer job". ~Jim Donovan, Franchise Manager

by College Pro Painters Head Office September 07, 2007
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