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Usually a student who does not actually go to school for whatever the field your company works in. This intern will also think they know what you are talking about when you explain things, but will then fuck it up 6 times before finally asking you to explain it again. This person also has zero accountability, so after they do something enough times correctly and you assume they can be trusted it all falls on you after they leave. This person also will be late most days and ask to leave early every Friday to "Go Home" even though you see them at the bar Saturday night. Said person also asks the boss for time off even though they have only been at the company for 2 weeks out of a 12 week internship... and they will get it... even though the salary employees who work 70 hours a week can't get a day off to save their ass.
Did you here that new kid we got fucked up the dimension on 6,000 feet of product?
No, sounds like a college intern though
by Why_am_I_The_Company_Bitch? July 16, 2012