The state of drunkeness which includes at least two of the following: That spinning feeling when you lay down, thinking your car got stolen when actually you parked it somewhere else (thank God - because you should not be driving anyway), drive-by kissing, not caring where you pee or who sees (this is mostly for the girls cuz guys pee wherever anyway), thinking it's a great idea to bare your privates to everyone, breaking or spilling something, eating something unedible
Hey let's go to the homecoming game and get college drunk. Dude, she was totally college drunk at the block party last weekend
by Kristi (aka Charro) September 02, 2008
Top Definition
Not drunk enough to black out but still pretty oblivious to one's surroundings.
Jenny was college drunk last night. She didn't even realize her boob fell out of her shirt or that Curtis was college horny enough to think it was sexy.
by hpants February 26, 2010
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