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An individual who is a school procrastinator, acts really hard to show-off/be cool, makes up stories to impress people about his lifestyle, is overly obnoxious/intolerable at times.
(Example 1)
Friend 1: I miss my girlfriend so bad man!
Friend 2: ok?
Friend 1: I haven't had some in a long time!
Friend 2: ok?
Friend 1: I'm about to go crazy man! I can't handle this!
Friend 2: YO! Chill man! Don't be such a COLLEGE BOB!

(Example 2)

Friend 1: Hey guys! we haven't hung out in a long time! SOOO HOW ARE THE LADIIIIES!??
Friend 2: uuh.. i'm talking to this one girl.
Friend 2: Chill man, your being a COLLEGE BOB again!

(Example 3)

Kevin's mom: So Michael, how's college?

Michael: Not that great. I haven't been studying as much. My GPA is like 2.5.

Kevin's mom: WOAH! that's not good. You have to study more.

Michael: Yea, I'm definitely stepping it up next semester!
(Mom walks away)

Kevin: So what happened man, why you're doing so bad?

Michael: I've been partying so much man!!OMG college is so awesome I LOVE DORMING! I lost track of drinking at so many parties and went to class with hangovers

Kevin: DUDE! who you trying to show off to? Don't be such a COLLEGE BOB!
by Friend of the real Rob May 26, 2012
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