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Colegio Nueva Granada is U.S oriented private school located in the city of Bogota.

The school is perhaps the most expensive of all private schools in Bogota because of it's prestigious reputation.

Tuition fees range from 10.000 USD a year.

All Classes are taught in english except for Colombian Social Studies and Spanish.

The school mainly consists of wealthy Colombian children from Bogota's upper crust. In general they're spoiled, and who could blame them?

Also there are a fair amount of international students from different countries,most of them U.S Corporate children or Asians.

The school prides itself on being entirely Bilingual.
Mom: "Well Jhon we're moving to Colombia!"
Mike: "What?"

Mom: "don't act like you didn't know, you've known for months"
Mike: "Yeah..but what about school?"
Mom: "I've got that under control, you'll be attending Colegio Nueva Granada"
Mike:"CNG?" "Is that like a private school?"

Mom:"Well almost,it's just like public school here in Delaware, the difference is that it's located at the top of a mountain!"
by Purion August 02, 2011

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