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An example of a person who only takes never giving in friendship.
Also a person who is a horrible person irrelevent to the situation.
Also a person who constantly changes opinion on a matter.
A toni cale
Toni Cale is such a cold hearted bitch.
by Holyjesusshithead June 15, 2009
A woman who is has no empathy and is deceitful, ungrateful, unscrupulous and supremely manipulative. She uses sex as a weapon. Along with ruining other people’s lives she also ruins her own. She associates with men who use her for their own selfish purposes and she does the same in turn. It is tragic but as the same time so is the plight of those she victimizes. She has utility driven existence devoid of anything meaningful. She mocks those who are “beneath” her but does not realize they have what she can never have and like Shylock she will realize she can’t drag her ill begotten wealth down to hell. Laughs at homeless people but will in turn not understand or forgive other people’s demons. Sees empathy as a weakness.
That cold hearted bitch is cold, remorseless, unfeeling, rich and high functioning.
by macbeth2011 November 02, 2011
A woman that knows what she wants. Has no hard feelings about doing whatever it takes to get it.

A woman that knows what she wants to say. Spares no persons feelings to get her point across.
that woman is such a "cold hearted bitch" she just told me what she thought of me
by cold hearted bitch June 06, 2010

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