A small, expensive undergraduate Liberal Arts college in Maine that primarily caters to students who were rejected from Bowdoin College.
At Bowdoin-Colby hockey games, it is common to hear chants of "SAFETY SCHOOL! SAFETY SCHOOL!" coming from the fans in black and white. Colby College kids know it's true and feebly retort with digs about polar bears or ugly girls or any number of things that don't sting remotely as much.
by Fanshawe September 08, 2011
Top Definition
Elite liberal arts college located deep in the woods of Maine. Most students are described by the acronym "LUG" - Liberal Until Graduation. Excellent supplier of employees for Wall Street. Student body tends to be white, wealthy, intelligent, and friendly.
"I'm smart but I also want to have fun. I'm going to Colby College, because Bowdoin girls are ugly and at Bates they smoke crack."
by Cracker2000 August 23, 2004
One of the seven sisters of which the Cheese League is comprised; the others being Brie College, Camembert College, Stilton College, Havarti University, Smegma College, and The Fromunda Institute of Technology. Fromunda took the Cheese League football championship in 2003, winning by forfeit when the grazing Colby cheerleading squad refused to yield the playing field.
Colby College was #1 in the U.S. News Guide to Colleges list for student laxative abuse.
by Dr. Mike Roynhertz, Ph.D. August 25, 2004
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