dick and ball ,guts, butts and sluts
you bitch ass nigger got me fucked up i got mucho grande cojones
by pablo chackion December 15, 2015
Co-jones to that, home fag!
by SCM May 24, 2003
Cojones (Spanish pronunciation: koˈxones) is a vulgar Spanish word for testicles, denoting courage; it corresponds to balls in United States English and bollocks in British English (an uncommon synonym for courage).
In the fourth episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit a sexually-assaulted woman said she grabbed her attacker’s cojones, because he was strangling her. Afterwards, detectives Stabler and Benson re-enact the rape, and Det. Benson says cojones, like the rape victim.
by phiky November 11, 2009
It is usually slang in English speaking countries for 'bravery'.

The word, cojones, means 'testicles' in Spanish, and does NOT have the the same meaning in Spanish as it does in the countries the word is used in.

Do NOT believe the other posts, it is NOT just used in those countries it is used in EVERY Spanish speaking country, too...
I've got the cojones to jump off a building, do you?
by Furenya September 03, 2007
Pronounced (cuh-jōn-z)

What men have for being MEN
"See him tackling that zebra naked? COJONES BITCH!"
by ZMasterSword August 17, 2008
deeez nuts, your testicles
that guy has some big cojones.
hey vato i got some big cojones.
by EL MIKIMBIN May 02, 2003
to tuines muchos cojones para peliear me- AC
by AC June 14, 2003
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