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A character from Todd McFarlane's Spawn universe. Though their is much deviation in the characters relevance in the Animated films, the live action movie, and the comic, it is known that he was a former Hellspawn who somehow broke free from Malbolgia's control. He acts as a sort of mentor to Spawn (Al Simmons) and seems to have a much deeper understanding of the workings of heaven and hell then most.

This is also a common alias used by Clayton in his various online accounts.
Man Cogliostro was the shit in all those Animated movies it sucks that they made him so gay in the live action one.


Dumbass: Cog-lee-ah-stro, what a gay name
Cogliostro: Hey dumbass its pronounced Co-lee-oh-stro
by Cogliostro89 November 27, 2007
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