crib, house, place of dwelling
I can't stay, I got this female waiting on me back at the coffe table.
by peerless3 August 24, 2003
Top Definition
The skin between penis and anus, or vagina and anus. AKA runway, landing strip, taint, bohan.
Man smoking weed and watching porn, sitting across table from another man: No, no. I think runway is much more visual. Hey, Lupita! What do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?
Lupita: The coffee table.
by The Anonymouse August 22, 2008
A coffee table is the same as taint
Emily says "What do you call the space between the dick and the asshole"?
Bob replied "A coffee table"
(see Weeds on Showtime for futher explanation)
by Bob Paul December 03, 2005
Coffeetable describes the area of flesh between the asshole and the pussy of a girl.
She got totally horny when i massaged her coffeetable
by Lossreissender February 04, 2010
A device not only good for holding your coffee and donuts, but is also great for having sex on
Clear breakfast off the coffee table, it's time for an orgy!
by Epic Failure July 10, 2008
a chicks ass booty
god damn son, it looks like sarah has really been working that coffe table this summer.
by clown buzon February 13, 2005
A white girl who has absolutely no ass whatsoever.

So flat, you could put some coffee on it and call it a coffee table
Daamn, that bitch got a coffee table , no ass whatsoever
by MemeLord420/69 July 03, 2016
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