A Name for a fun, caring, sexy human being who also has a thing for lollipops. Favorite flavor possibly cherry. Best match would be a Devin, Jayy, Dahvie, and Cam
Cody sure loves his blow pops
by Kyle Travers October 03, 2012
cody is usually a male name
codys are very funny and can be quite charming.
extremely good looking and quite talanted at anything they put there mind to. are usually very sporty and like to win.trustworthy and loyal and would do anything for family and friends.tend to be popular amongst there many friends and the centre of attention most of the time.can be loud and sarcastic but all in the name of humour.
girl 1 hey whos that sexy guy over there?

girl 2 not sure he must be a cody to be that good looking
by thecrazybeastyone February 04, 2010
Origin: Greek meaning "cushion".
Modern terminology:
1. A man who is ambitious, spontaneous, highly intelligent, an abstract thinker and a great lover.
2. A person you can count on for a unforgettable experience.
1. Instructor: "...and the highest grade goes to..."
Student: "Cody".

2. "He bought all of the ice cream at the kiosk? Sounds like Cody!"
by Nine0fHearts October 13, 2008
strong energetic but usually calm. the best friend anyone could ever have
boy: "dude cody your badazz"
cody: "i know"
by tacomanboner August 25, 2010
One AMAZING guy. He is popular, athletic, funny, and treats everyone nicely. He is also smart. He doesn't do drugs or drink. He actually cares about girls he has feelings for, and treats them great, but in the end always ends up hurt by them. He is obsessed with Lil Wayne and wakeboarding. And LOVES Pineapple express.
Girl 1: Does your boyfriend treat you nice?
Girl 2: Yeah.. He is such a Cody <3

Coach 1: How good do you think that player can be?
Coach 2: He might be a Cody.

Dude 1: Dude your hilarious!!
Dude 2: Yeah, but not as funny as cody.
by petepablo April 13, 2009
A sexy blue-eyed boy with a killer smile and amazing laugh. He loves horses (typically arabians) and all sorts of other animals. He's an amazing person once you get to know him. Yet he endures a lot of gay jokes. Some think that in Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" she was describing him. In general, he's funny, and cute, but easily hurt.
Girl: Did you see Cody?
Guy: Hell yah, he seemed really cool.
Girl: Well, duh, he's Cody!
by iluvbrady9 February 06, 2010
an extremelly crazy guy who like to skate off roofs and jump off them.
Person:"Whoa, you jumped of a roof, such a Cody!"
Cody:"I know."
by invisogirl November 05, 2008
A term derivative from the drug, codeine, often used while under the influence of alcohol/drugs instead of finishing the word, they just mutter "cody"
dude pop another cody
by John Baker June 07, 2006

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