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Any location in which groups of three or more males convene in order to engage in sexually licentious activities. i.e. group sex, mutual masturbation, butthole fingering, etc.
I sure do enjoy getting penetrated by other guys whenever I visit the codge lodge in Dinwiddie 210.
by codgermayne May 03, 2009
A location, usually a dorm room or friend's home within which meetings of a set of male friends transpire on a semi-regular basis. These meetings must consist of typical male activities and must at all times be consistent with the code of law that is also known as Man Law.

Note: The use of codge here, is in reference to the word codge as a phallus or penis.
My dorm doesn't have a very good codge lodge, so I frequent the one over in Dinwiddie 210.
by Bearnstien March 28, 2009