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When a man's (nutsack,jewels,balls) are so huge and hairy,and his dick is so small in lengh and width.That his dick seems to hide in between them.
Guy:I wanna lick you from the inside out.
Girl:Oh yeah, I want your dick in me too, thrusting in and out making me cum all over your face!
Guy: Wanna fuck?
Girl:Yeah baby..
Guy:Okay then.
"Guy unzips pants"
Girl:oh yeahh I bet your shaft will break me in two!!!
"Guy pulls his huge balls and tiny shaft out"
Girl:Where's your dick? Is it hiding in between those coconut balls?
Guy: Yeah, and I bet you want every bit of it!
Girl uhmm hell no, I think you need some viagra, and a ball reduction.
by ursexfiend August 18, 2011