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A Chill ass little city in south Florida. Pretty much in the middle of every thing. (pompano, deerfield, parkland, margate) Most of the people that live in creek are pretty chill but there are allot of people that "are" gangster. But you cant be gangster if you live in a half million dollar house right? There isn't much to do in creek except for sable pines park and the promenade (which was a huge failure because of the lack of a movie theater) Creek is also pretty stoner friendly. And the beach is a 10 min drive. All in all creek is a nice town but there isn't much to do for the younger population unless you can get a ride out to the surrounding areas. Btw the local police force is filled with bored underpaid pricks that never let you slide. So if your on foot.......just run
Ayyyyee were gonna go hit up some dudes in Coconut Creek and smoke a blunt and wreak some havoc. You down?
by I Love Creek March 11, 2010
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